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1, energy saving and environmental protection

Save energy, water, raw materials, environmental protection and housing after the end of life, 90% material can be recycled.

2, thermal insulation

Meet national building energy conservation standards, eliminate the phenomenon of hot and cold bridges, building deformation away from moisture, mildew, corrosion and other damage.

3, safe and reliable

Meet the 9-degree intensity requirement for earthquake

Steel frames are connected by bolts or shear connectors, can effectively absorb seismic energy, and the whole House is light weight, only 1/3 of the traditional houses of concrete quality and seismic performance is much better than concrete houses.

Wind load

Roof trusses, floors, walls, parts of the base through a dedicated accessories reliable firmly connected against 12 Typhoon; specially designed Australian container housing can withstand hurricanes 17.

Snow load

Roof snow up to 1.5 meters, the roof snow load can be individually designed according to the climatic conditions, to meet the 1.5 metre snow load requirements.

Fire resistance rating

Fire resistance of 2.5h (secondary) design standards special handling, dry wall construction in the floor, can meet the fire resistance requirements for 3h.

Insulation layer

Glass wool, rock wool, PU foam, PE, XPX heat preservation and heat insulation, in accordance with customer requirements and features of different regions or 2 separate systems.

4, sound insulation and noise reduction

Perfect sound insulation, shock absorption technology, meet the national standards of sound insulation for building, creating a quiet and comfortable living environment.

5, moisture-proof and insect

Wall Board, and floor and ceiling material used not burning a, level of fiber cement board or glass magnesium Board, acid alkali, and resistance corrosion, also not was moisture or insect Ant, damage, and strength and hardness with time and enhanced, guarantee has super long of using life; within dedicated one-way breathable layer, makes wall body and the roofing has "breathing" function, that indoor moisture can row to outdoor, and outdoor moisture is cannot into indoor.

6, durable

Structural parts are made of ship spray preservative treatments, can protect steel against rust and prolong the service life of steel using new lightweight support materials, inflammable, not moldy, not insects.

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