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Prospect of steel residence
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2016-05-21

Recently held a national teleconference on the action for engineering quality control for two years, Vice Minister of housing and urban-rural construction Wang Ning said, the Government will introduce policies to promote modernization of construction industry, "industrial" construction of new residential areas to increase the proportion, an average annual increase of nearly 2%.

Understand that the so-called "housing industry", is based on new construction as the core of industrialization, extensive use of information technology and modern management model, housing construction process connections for complete integration of industrial chains, realize the change traditional modes of production to the modern industrial production.

Qingdao Green believes that highest level of steel buildings as an industrial integrated architectural forms, reduce construction field extensive abuses at the same time, demand for advanced heavy machinery and equipment during the construction, equipment manufacturing industry, China will also usher in a new development opportunity.

"Technology-intensive, resource-intensive and labour-intensive" characterized the equipment manufacturing industry, today's "economic civilization and resources saving" transformation tide faced a new wave of industry transformation. With the accelerating housing industrialization process, as represented by the steel construction of green buildings rise, particularly as represented by the Qingdao green raised steel structure enterprise driven by the construction industry technology upgrades, new level of demand for new equipment machinery, upgrade or will be equipped with the new technology breakthrough.

Meanwhile, insiders noted that steel achieved the factory, assembly line production, but because components production, transportation and construction equipment manufacturing cannot be effective coordination, construction installation costs even higher than the traditional construction methods. Therefore, in order to realize the healthy development of the housing industry, perfect "equipment" such as the key to the construction of upstream and downstream industry chain becomes broken.

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