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Analysis of advantages of steel House summary
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2016-05-21

Now light steel housing has come into our lives, here's the what are the advantages of steel buildings lightly.

1, light steel housing very secure, earthquake 8 degrees. Typhoon 13, bearing the roof snow 1.5 metres, this is because the steel frame and lightweight, rugged, high quality materials, and have a very good ductility and toughness.

2 very fast, light steel House construction, a 200 sqm House in construction period of 2 months. This is because the light steel housing components are manufactured in the factory, transportation to the site Assembly can be completed directly by the workers, so time is very short.

3 very comfortable, light steel House, of new materials for insulating materials used to keep warm, warm in winter and cool in summer, also has insulating properties. Some light steel House also has a moisture-resistant features, southerners know that sweat on the walls in the summer, light steel House wouldn't happen, he uses a unique moisture-proof treatment, discharge water very easily in the House, keep your house dry.

4, light steel House factory and a high degree of mechanization of production, high degree of product. The main materials are required to build factories, machines and processing of raw materials, high efficiency, low cost, quality is also very good protection. Most of these devices introduce foreign advanced technology, many new housing products for large enterprises with international quality.

90% 5, light steel housing material can be recycled and reused. Judging from the main material, steel, environmental protection materials and are not with the passage of time like wood worm or rotten wood, can be recycled, environmentally friendly, and very economical.

6, light steel structure use life of 90 years, is a traditional house 3 times. Our traditional house 30 becomes dangerous, light steel House good durability, good value.

7, light steel House belonging to environment-friendly products without the red bricks, cement and other building materials with high pollution and high energy consumption. Built without water can not only save water resources and not be limited by climatic conditions, all the year round construction.

8, the movement of the light steel House, if demolition, light steel House can be split into many parts, transportation to the new location and reinstall. Because these parts are connected by screws and connected together, Assembly and disassembly is easy.

9, light steel House has very good sound insulation, wall insulation ≥ 45 decibels. Meet the housing quality standard of 5 star hotels in sound effects.

10, light steel structure large span, you can freely layout structure, convenient and flexible; wall covers an area of smaller, more indoor area can be used.

11, light steel House beautiful and diverse, various styles of houses were designed by the designer, there are many styles to choose from.

12, light steel housing adaptation is very strong, both in the cold Northeast, also is hot in Hainan, is true, but different structures for building only.

13, light steel housing very useful, can be used as civil construction, can also be used as commercial buildings, public buildings, 6-layer architecture can be used.

14, light steel House can fire, can reach the national standard grade General (high-rise steel structure fire protection standard can be achieved).

15, light steel House is not decorated, built to be moved, water and electricity are preset channels, installation, cabling, very convenient.

16, light steel housing is cheap, this is the most important. Economical cost and traditional houses, very grounded, very close to the people.

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