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Break through the traditional container housing housing concept
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2016-05-21

Container House is a building system impact fashion trends, from anywhere at any time to move to different places, to bring even more comfort. By photovoltaic panels are available for indoor electricity, solar heating, water supply, indoor showers, water purification of emissions from sewage treatment systems, to use again. According to the number of different sizes of container housing can be made.

Container House

In Europe, the container is widely used in construction sites, because it is environmental protection and energy saving. In addition, also applies to the tourist attractions of the temporary shop, temporary lounge, temporary cafes, bars and other, such as in the United Kingdom Ireland there is a famous tourist attractions use the containers to shops, visitors ' Lounge, a tourist kiosk, a café, a bar and luxurious decoration, very beautiful. In United States of Detroit, also useful container room cover of 8 layer floor high of hospital, a container with crane put it installation in fixed of iron frame Shang, very has creative, whole building hospital no using had a only brick, inside are decoration good water, and electric, and air conditioning,, with we General of building decoration as about, special operating room of sealed sex do have very good. Is able to achieve such a high demand, is the container very stress in the use of materials, and the manufacturing process is very stringent, welding technology is very high.

Traditional of housing concept has outdated, this also inspired has people on self live space of new thinking, with container to cover House is which of a new thought, it green environmental, province Shi effort, very flexible changeable, relative traditional housing can provides to homes more of select, personal, family, even is a community are can wants, a steel box made of House is full fashion breath, on environment very friendly.

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