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Commercial building
Commercial building
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Shopping mall on the first floor-with steel frame + + composite floor slab composite wall plate production technology, 9X9 m span, 3.8 meters of storey height can meet the requirements of commercial buildings, dry construction of composite wall panels, composite floor slab and steel frame bolts, construction speed, without noise and dust pollution.

Two or three floor – made of patented technology can extend the deformation of container manufacturing, transportation dimensions is a standard container, opened the container side wall of the double up, down, increased width box deformation meet office space requirements of large, standardized production, reasonable cost. Modular interchangeable between container units, flat flexible combination. High integration, water, electricity, pipe installation in the factory.

Inn-four or more floor made of patented technology can extend the deformation of container manufacturing, transport dimensions are standard containers, site containers, chassis pull out the side wall, increased width box deformation; high integration, water, power piping, kitchen and sanitary equipment installation in the factory. Internal living functions, residential water, electricity and heating supply readily available. On-site installation convenient, fast, dry construction.

Production process: container housing production process, steel frame + + composite floor slab composite wall panel manufacturing process.

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