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Where is the value of steel house?
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2016-05-20

How good is a product, not what we say good, it is good. A really good product, like a diamond, not tight bright dazzling, and hard texture. Steel house is good, exactly where is it? Let's count together and understand that

China's steel production in 2011 reached a record high of 627 million tons. In the energy-saving emission reduction unprecedented pressure to promote low-carbon economy and sustainable development today, steel housing by the community's attention. During the two sessions this year, many representatives made suggestions on promoting the development of steel structures.

What is the value of steel house in the end? We may wish to come to the steel structure calculations.

To achieve low-carbon residential building construction and sustainable development

Steel house is a green building in the 21st century, is an effective way to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable development of circular.

Low carbon construction: the construction of steel structure of residential CO2 emissions of about 480kg / ㎡, compared with the traditional concrete carbon emissions 740.6kg / ㎡ reduced by 35% or more;

Materials: steel structure residential high-rise building weight of about 900-1000kg / ㎡, the traditional concrete is about 1500-1800kg / ㎡, its weight reduction of about 40%.

● can significantly reduce the consumption of cement, sand and other resources, thereby significantly reducing the mineral excavation, smelting and transportation of carbon emissions;

● steel structure housing construction process without wood template and scaffolding, if its market share increased by 5 percentage points, you can reduce the amount of wood cutting is equivalent to 9000 hectares of forest;

● building weight reduction, but also save about 30% of the underground pile;

Water saving (to reduce sewage discharge): steel structure for the field of residential construction of the main construction process can significantly reduce water and sewage discharge. If its market share increased by 5 percentage points, will reduce the sewage discharge is equivalent to 10 West Lake total water;

Energy saving (saving energy consumption): CCA light grouting wall has a good self-insulation function, for the traditional brick wall insulation performance of 3 times, significantly reduce operating energy consumption.

Saving land use efficiency; indoor space rate increased by 5% -8%, underground garage parking spaces can be used to improve the efficiency of the use of land; An increase of 10% -20%, in the high cost of land and parking difficult to highlight today, its socio-economic value is particularly prominent;

Environmental protection: assembly of construction, reduce the construction site noise nuisance, waste water discharge and dust pollution; reduce sand mining and construction waste discharge, protect the environment, create a new era of architectural civilization;

Recycling and regeneration of the main material: When the building is dismantled, the recovery rate of the main structural material of the steel structure house is over 90%, which is about 60% less than that of the traditional concrete waste.

● Responsible response to the national "implementation of the cycle of production mode" call, and steel recycling and recycling for the country as a strategic resource reserves;

● To reduce the land and groundwater pollution caused by landfill and land and water pollution caused by landfill and landfill (about 40% of the total waste)

Turning waste into treasure, industrial waste resource utilization: composite wall in the industrial waste as the main material, turning waste into treasure - CCA wall board to quartz sand tailings as the main material; light grouting filler material with fly ash And other industrial waste as the main material, and effectively respond to the state "to promote the use of industrial waste resource utilization" call.

Promote the transformation and upgrading of China's housing industry

Steel structure residential, fully in line with "standardized design, factory production, assembly of the construction and integration of decoration," the modernization of the housing industry development ideas, is my farewell to the field of manual masonry, to promote the transformation of residential construction mode, to promote residential building transformation and upgrading And an effective way to sustainable development.

Architectural Design Standardization:

● The technical specifications of the steel structure are complete, the design software is complete, and the steel structure is accurate in size, so it is easy to realize the coordination between the modulus and size of the building and parts, so as to improve the design and construction efficiency.

● Steel structure components are versatile and interchangeable, and are suitable for assembly and industrial construction.

(Part) production of factory:

● As the majority of parts and components of steel structure in the factory standardization of precision prefabrication, the processing accuracy and quality of the traditional field operation can not be compared;

● site construction workers into assembly workers, reduce labor intensity, the quality is more secure.

On-site construction assembly:

● All the components of steel structure are prefabricated in the factory. The construction site connects, assembles and assembles the components through bolts, welding and so on. It is the same as the assembly car.

● Various processes can be three-dimensional cross-operation, improve construction efficiency, shorten the construction period of 1/3 or more;

● a large number of dry operations to replace the wet operation, the site construction of a significant reduction in the amount of pollution emissions are significantly reduced, the general savings rate of more than 20%, saving more than 60%

● less concealed projects, easy to quality control and supervision, can effectively avoid the traditional building stealing problems, or the construction staff is not strong and lead to quality and safety risks;

● assembly of construction methods, construction site occupancy less;

● Significantly reduce the amount of on-site operations, reduce the number of on-site construction and management personnel, effectively crack down on "shortage of migrant workers"

● supporting the advanced building energy-saving technology more convenient to apply.

Civil building decoration integration:

CCA board wall surface is very smooth, without plastering;

The wall is made of light steel keel frame structure system, which is easy to be embedded in pipeline, easy to realize the integrated solution of building decoration, reduce the waste of resources and materials;

Integrated embedded integrated decoration technology, comprehensively enhance the quality of residential decoration.

Enhance the quality of housing and comfort

Improve the traditional residential wall leakage, cracking and other quality problems;

Wall sound insulation performance has been effectively improved;

(Such as CCTV, Shanghai and Shenyang fires); non-condensing and breathing function of the CCA board with self-insulation function of the CCA board as a whole grouting composite wall, to avoid external wall insulation or external wall insulation system poor fire resistance Grouting wall, providing dry, comfortable living space;

Doors and windows openings are not restricted to improve the housing lighting and ventilation performance, enhance housing comfort;

There is no load-bearing wall, large layout, space is easy to separate and realize the functional transformation, improve the adaptability of the house to the change of the family structure, and prolong the service life of the residential building.

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