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Modular building energy conservation and environmental protection throughout the building system
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2016-07-08
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In recent years, although the modular building industry in China's new houses has made great progress, it still has a big gap compared with developed countries. In the 21st century, “energy conservation and environmental protection” has become a common goal and action of the world. The development of low-carbon buildings and green buildings is in the ascendant, and the construction of houses is also developing in a comprehensive and intensive direction. Prefabricated houses, which have been developed in Europe, America and Japan for many years, have a huge market share and are gradually being introduced into the Chinese construction market. Prefabricated houses and modular houses not only fully meet the requirements of shockproof, safe and durable of traditional buildings, but more importantly, they save time, labor and money, and have no sewage, no noise, no dust, and are in line with green and low carbon. , energy saving, environmental protection requirements. The concept of “energy saving and environmental protection” is passed through the design and construction of building systems, and the demand for new products and new technologies is growing nationwide. At present, the competition in the domestic and foreign markets is becoming increasingly fierce, and some enterprises and units are increasingly demanding the technology and quality of the industry. For enterprises, it is necessary to constantly absorb new knowledge, production and marketing concepts, and learn advanced technologies from developed countries. And management experience to adapt to the current development pattern.

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