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The seismic performance and moisture resistance of Qingdao steel structure houses
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2016-08-11

    The many advantages of Qingdao steel structure houses are unmatched by traditional houses and more developable. In the domestic development period, it has been popularized abroad. Qingdao steel structure houses are elegant and generous, and the price is affordable. What makes people appreciate is that under this beautiful appearance, the inner structure is also very strong, the seismic performance is excellent, and it is especially moisture-proof.

    In foreign countries, steel-structured houses are already commonplace, so will it get wet? Can you resist earthquakes? It is a doubt in many people's minds. This answer is not true. The walls and roofs of steel-structured houses are provided with ventilation layers, which use natural air density and temperature difference to form a natural wind effect. The unidirectional ventilation layer is specially designed in the composite enclosure structure to make the wall and the roof have a "breathing" function. That is, indoor humidity can be discharged to the outside, while outdoor moisture cannot enter the room. The structural design of the steel structure house is very good. The light steel ribbed beam and column are connected by bolts and screws flexibly, so that the seismic energy can be effectively absorbed, the wall and the foundation are provided with pull-out and shear-resistant joints, and the steel structure house is light in quality. It is only 1/6 of the quality of traditional concrete houses, so the seismic performance is superior to concrete houses!

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