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What are the characteristics of modular buildings?
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2016-09-13
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Modular Building Features

1. Standard. Long-term use, with sufficient strength. Transfers on the way can be changed directly, can be quickly unloaded, and can be easily changed from one transport to another. The main components include the base beam, the top frame beam, the end wall, the corner frame column, the top frame beam, the roof, the side wall, the corner hoisting node and the like.

2. Security. Generally, the load capacity of the top, bottom and front and rear sides of each 40-foot modular unit is 1-7 tons, the compression capacity of the left and right sides is 0.5T per square meter, the load capacity of the four corner posts is 86.4T, and the lateral rigidity is 15.2T. Longitudinal rigidity of 7.6T, its resistance to pressure and wind is very strong. Each module unit itself has a good watertightness and therefore has a strong water resistance at the expected time.

3, environmental protection. Compared with the traditional building material concrete, the material of the modular building is mainly steel plate. After the container building is scrapped, its materials can be effectively reused and recycled to reduce carbon emissions. It is a green environmental protection industry and is conducive to the development of circular economy. .

4. Convenience. Modular buildings are widely used in the world, and related transportation and loading and unloading facilities are relatively complete. The modular building is flexible and easy to move. It is the best choice for temporary accommodation. Modular buildings do not require large-scale disassembly during relocation, and are easy to transport, install or disassemble. The closed structure of the modularity determines that the modular building has low requirements for the surrounding environment and supporting facilities, and the flat base can meet the construction requirements.

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