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Shandong integrated housing promotes the development of residential industrialization in the province
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2016-09-28
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    Recently, the “Integrated Housing Project and Technical Product Matchmaking Meeting” hosted by China's New Urbanization Industry Alliance was held at the new Beijing International Exhibition Center. Green Mountain Shandong integrated housing promotes the development of residential industrialization in the province. At the meeting, approved by the Ministry of Housing and Security, the Ministry of Commerce, Housing and Housing Industrialization Promotion Center, sponsored by the China Real Estate Association, hosted by the 14th China International Housing Industry and Construction Industry Products and Equipment Expo. A real estate industry plays an important role in promoting development.

    In March last year, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "National New Urbanization Plan (2014-2020)", which explicitly requires the city. New ideas: Actively promote industrialization and standardization, and increase the proportion of residential industrialization. In the call of the China New Urbanization Industry Alliance, the call for action has taken a series of measures to promote new urbanization, promote the development of the housing industry, vigorously promote the use of prefabricated houses to build new towns, and use practical actions as a coalition society. responsibility. Zou Yuxi China New Town Introduction Participating in the company's prefabricated industry network industry alliance is China's new residential group, construction group, and joint proposal more than 10 units, which will play an important role in prefabricating industry, trade, and information sharing.

    The development of China's residential industrialization has been more than 60 years, compared with Germany and Japan, whether it is from scale, technology, quality, Cost, that is, from the aspect of industrial chain construction, there are certain gaps. The most important reason is that the development of China's residential industrialization lacks national norms and standards. The products of the enterprise production and construction departments have only a small range of production and use conditions, lacking large Production applications limit the development of industry and enterprises. In March of this year, China's national architectural standards designed by the Prefabricated Design Institute and other units of the Ministry of Housing and Construction standards for the construction of reinforced concrete shear wall structures began to be realized in the industrialized residential industry. In the Museum of Architecture Standard Design Institute China Li Xiaoming prepared experts, for the participating companies to explain the standard PC technical analysis and industry opinion of the chief engineer, not only introduced the technical specifications, and joined the development trend of real estate companies to understand the industry development and highlights.

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