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Why are more and more people willing to choose an integrated house?
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2016-09-21
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After thousands of years of being influenced by the traditions of life and work, it is highly desirable for people to have their own homes, but because the price of the house soars, many people are unwilling. In modern society, a house that is a series of green and intelligent ones is a good choice. The house looks beautiful and the insulation effect is essential even in the winter in the north is not at all a little cold outside. The house not only plays a role for insulation and fire protection, but also sound insulation and corrosion resistance. Integrated Housing A wide variety of materials, whether it is used for office or residential purposes, is the first choice for home . The combination of low housing costs and reusable times is cost effective compared to traditional houses. In many places, you can see the house, and why is the house so common? This is because it has excellent price performance, low cost and reusable many times and is very environmentally friendly housing. The time of building a house is much smaller than that of traditional dwellings, traditional dwellings usually take several months to complete, and the door of the house has just finished the effect in a week. The house is very light in weight, and with less wet land and construction work, using special insulation, excellent thermal insulation performance, achievable people "warm summer and cool summer" accommodation.

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