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How many advantages does Shandong Integrated Housing have in the future?
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2017-02-17
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Shandong integrated house integrated house is light in weight, with less wetland operation and short construction period. The thermal performance of the house is good, and the wall panel of the integrated house is a foamed color steel sandwich panel with heat insulation. Then, most of the building materials used in integrated houses can be recycled and degraded, low in cost, and green and environmentally friendly. In particular, brick-concrete structures are not environmentally friendly, and a large amount of clay is used, which destroys the ecology and reduces the cultivated land. Therefore, the breakthrough and application of integrated houses in science and technology will be long-term, which will change the traditional architectural mode and make human living costs It gets smaller and the living environment gets better. It can play a major role in environmental protection.

Compared with the traditional brick-concrete structure houses, the integrated building of the new building materials system has the advantage of being irreplaceable: the wall thickness of the general brick-concrete structure house is 240mm, and The mobile home is less than 240mm under the same regional conditions. The indoor usable area of the integrated house is much larger than that of the traditional brick-concrete structure.  

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