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The earthquake-resistant steel structure integrated house on the US-Mexico border
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2017-04-11

Western Mexico City Tijuana is in the earthquake zone, earthquakes occur frequently, and houses must be fully considered when building a house Stability and firmness. Design studio Gracia designed a weather-resistant steel structure integrated house built on a concrete concrete foundation. The house is small, only 30 square meters. The wood used for the construction of the house was eliminated from the local municipal construction and recycled. Therefore, the house constructed with these materials has a rough texture and contrasts with the house with a smooth steel structure at the top.

The rear concrete of the foundation, the middle floor and the roof of the house. Designer Jorge said: "The two concrete structures are a good anti-vibration structure on the ground. Moreover, the post-tensioned concrete structure system creates ample space for the interior, and an empty space is separated on the two floors. Space.” The concrete pipe with the wire rope is interspersed in the concrete. After installation, the cable is automatically tightened and the concrete is upgraded to an enhanced version, which is stronger than ever.

The bottom layer is the kitchen, Restaurant and reception room, the restaurant has direct access to the outdoor balcony. The backyard of the house is an open space that is connected to the environment. Upstairs, the public space in the middle expands in three directions, each with a bedroom, two of which are in the longitudinal position of the house, and the master bedroom is in the south. The exterior of the top is covered with steel, which is inexpensive and unique. Unlike the exterior steel, the interior decoration and furniture are mostly wood, and the contrast is very modern.


Source: Integration Meeting

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