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Details of the advantages of light steel structure housing
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2017-04-27

(1) The light steel structure fittings of light steel structure houses are factory-made and mechanized, and the degree of commercialization is high. (2) The construction of light steel structure houses is fast, mainly for dry work, which is conducive to civilized construction. (3) The steel structure of a light steel structure house is an environmentally sustainable product. (4) The light steel structure house has light weight and good seismic performance. (5) The comprehensive economic indicators of light steel structure houses are not higher than reinforced concrete structures. (6) Compared with brick-and-mortar houses, light-weight steel houses can avoid waste of resources caused by earth-fired bricks. (7) Light-steel structure houses have small wall thickness due to light steel structure. Compared with the brick-concrete structure, the effective use area can be increased; (8) Compared with the reinforced concrete house, the light steel structure house can be recycled after the steel of the light steel structure, but the concrete cannot be recycled, and it is definitely a building later. Garbage, causing environmental stress and concrete will take 40 years to dry completely, so it is easy to cause indoor humidity and humidity, which is not conducive to human health. However, the light steel structure does not use concrete at all, so this problem does not exist. (9) Light steel structure houses have good seismic performance. Because the activities of the earthquake are left and right and up and down, the light steel structure connected by screws constitutes a safe and stable box. It will not collapse due to the shaking of the earthquake or the falling of the floor will endanger personal safety. (10) The dry construction method is adopted for the construction of light steel structure houses, which will not cause waste of water data. And save money.



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