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Which Shandong integrated house is better?
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2017-05-12
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Which Shandong integrated house is better? Preferred Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd.

Shandong Integrated Housing Manufacturing Process

●Scope of application

Small and small buildings of 6 floors or less.


The structural strength of the unit container module is calculated by the finite element software. The structure is safe and reliable, and the external dimensions conform to the international shipping container standards, meeting the requirements of the classification society inspection specifications. It can be used as a standard container for road, rail and sea transportation with low freight. All house accessories can be shipped in the container module at the same time.

Complete the steel structure, water and electricity heating, kitchen, sanitary equipment, fire protection and interior decoration of each unit container module in the factory assembly line, and then transport it to the project site as a whole, and in a hoisting manner. Quickly assemble into a variety of styles of architecture for different uses and functions. The completion time can be reliably predicted and controlled. The on-site workload is small, only need to connect the three interfaces of the upper and lower water and electricity to the pipe network on the site; the foundation is simple, only a few cement piers are needed.

The unit container module is completed on the assembly line in the factory. The quality control is strict and the production efficiency is high. The factory-scale production and cost control are realized, and the manufacturing cost is low. The combination is diversified and the livability is good.

Unit Container Module You can make different arrangements and combinations like building blocks. The unit container module size that our company can produce is listed in the following table. The external dimensions can produce the box steel structure with different sizes of “length X width X height” in the table. Give the designer greater flexibility, the appearance and interior can be customized according to the needs, showing better livability.

Shandong integrated house dimensions


  Which Shandong integrated house is better? Preferred Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd.


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