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What are the operating conditions to be observed during the construction of Qingdao steel structure houses?
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2017-05-04
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Qingdao Steel Structure House The working conditions of steel structure is one of the more popular types of building structures. What operating conditions do you need to pay attention to when constructing steel structures? The construction conditions of the steel structure mainly have the following points:  1. Before the installation, the line inspection of the grid support axis and the elevation should be carried out. The grid axis and elevation position must meet the design requirements and relevant standards.  
2. Before the installation, the strength of the concrete at the top of the column should be checked. The strength of the concrete at the top of the column must meet the design requirements and the relevant national standards.  
3. When using the high-altitude slip method, the sliding track pulley should be inspected, and the horizontal slope of the slip should meet the requirements of the construction design.  
4. When using the strip and block installation and the workbench slip method, the ground workbench and the slip equipment should be inspected and the test slide test should be carried out.  
5. When using the overall lifting or partial lifting method, the lifting equipment should be inspected, the lifting speed, the lifting point, the high-altitude closing and adjustment work should be tested, and must meet the requirements of the construction organization design.  
6. When using the high-altitude bulk method, full house red scaffolding should be set up, and the position and elevation of each pivot point should be arranged. When using the bolt ball high-altitude bulk method, the temporary fulcrum should be designed and arranged, and the position and quantity of the temporary fulcrum should be checked and determined. 7. It is advisable to use a jack for the temporary fulcrum in bulk at high altitude, so that the temporary fulcrum can gradually adjust the height of the grid. When the temporary bracket is disassembled at the end of installation, it can be synchronously descended between the fulcrums and unloaded in sections.


Prepared for high-quality grid processing. With the successful construction of various grid buildings, the continuous development of steel grids has been promoted. Many cities have their own unique steel structures. Construction, so the current steel structure has a lot of room for development in China. However, in order to have a unique and architecturally strong building, the following conditions must be met in the processing of the grid. The necessary conditions for the processing of the grid:
1. There must be accurate and detailed grid design charts. The grid has parallel decimating, quadrangular pyramidal and triangular pyramidal, each The structure has its own unique advantages and characteristics. First, the corresponding structure can be selected to make the best foundation for the next processing. 2. Professional grid processing team. Because the construction process of the grid is very large, it is necessary to have professional experience to complete the construction of the grid, in order to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the grid construction. 3. The choice of grid material is to have a professional technical team, the grid material is not good, it will also affect the safety and construction of the grid. Therefore, when purchasing the grid material, it is necessary to have good quality steel, it is best to choose stainless steel, and the weight of the steel is as light as possible, or to the reputable grid processing factory to purchase, this can also guarantee the grid material. Quality issues.


Overall lifting (lifting) method of the grid. 1. Acceptance of the steel grid before lifting, inspection of the weld, acceptance of the aerial support. Lifting can only be carried out after the acceptance meets the design requirements.  
2. The lifting point should be selected before the overall lifting of the steel grid. The sling should be attached to the lower chord node and not allowed to hang on the upper chord node. If the rigidity of the grid is not enough during the lifting process, the method should also be used to reinforce the suspended grid. The general reinforcement measures are to temporarily add several scaffolding steel pipes, but it should be considered that this will increase the lifting weight and increase the load. The grid accessories are solid. 3. Develop a lifting (lifting) plan and debug the lifting (lifting) equipment. For the lifting equipment such as the inspection of the rod and cable wind hoist, the inspection of the hydraulic oil circuit ensures that the lifting (lifting) can be smooth, continuous, and the lifting points are synchronized.  
4. Test hanging (lifting): The net rack should be tested before the official lifting. The trial picking process starts the hoist and adjusts the lifting points while gradually moving off the ground. The trial is generally between 200 and 300 mm from the ground. After the withdrawal of the martial arts department, the martial arts department did not move for a while, and observed the force of each part of the truss. If there is deformation, it can be reinforced in time. At the same time, it should also be carefully checked whether there are any debris or temporary scaffolding in the direction of the front of the hoisting of the gantry. If it is necessary, it should be removed in time. At the same time, the carrying capacity of the hoisting equipment should also be observed. The lifting points should be kept as close as possible to prevent tilting.  
5.Continuous lifting: When the inspection is completed, it should be hoisted continuously. Under the premise of keeping the grid straight and not inclined, it should be continuously lifted (lifted) continuously. Get the day done in place to prevent windy weather.  
6. Gradually in place: When the gantry crane is about to be in place, the lifting (lifting) speed should be gradually reduced to prevent over-lifting.


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