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Multi-layer steel structure residential system and design
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2017-09-05

1. Multi-layer light Steel structure house Advantages of building system

Earthquake advantage: more The light-weight steel structure house has light weight but high bearing capacity, strong seismic performance, strong resistance to seismic damage, small impact from earthquake damage, and easy repair or reconstruction after the disaster. According to relevant data surveys, the number of damaged and collapsed multi-storey light steel structures in buildings damaged after major earthquakes at home and abroad is much lower than that of concrete structures.

2. Environmental advantages of multi-storey light steel structure houses

Multi-layer light steel structure residential construction site has less wet work, avoiding the burning of cement products, and recycling of building materials The components are prefabricated by the factory, spliced on site, occupying less land resources, less impact on the environment, and the construction process is more energy efficient than the concrete structure, and belongs to the green building.

3. Advantages of multi-storey light steel structure residential layout

Multi-layer light steel structure residential functional layout is more flexible. When the beam height is the same, the concrete structure can only be multi-layered. Half of the light steel room. If a concrete structure house needs to obtain a large open space, it needs a large beam-column section, which affects the overall aesthetic and functional use of the room. The multi-storey light steel house can realize a large span or a large opening, and the indoor functional partition layout is more flexible and free. Therefore, the multi-storey light steel house also has the advantages of fast construction speed, short construction period, high degree of industrialization and high comprehensive benefits.

Applicable scope and main features of light steel structure houses

Light steel structures have wide application and obvious advantages, and have been widely used in single-storey industrial plants, multi-storey industrial plants, office buildings and Non-load bearing components in high-rise buildings. The research and development of light steel structure houses has been piloted in various parts of China. It is an important direction for the development of light steel. At present, there are many low-rise, multi-layer and high-rise design plans and cases. Because it can achieve a large span, flexible use of large space division, and the characteristics of fast construction and earthquake-resistant, it will definitely have a greater impact on China's traditional residential structure model. The reform and opening up and economic development in the past 30 years have created an extremely favorable development environment for the application of the steel structure residential system. As the level of human cultural life continues to increase, the requirements for high-rise, large-span buildings are getting higher and higher. The steel structure house itself has the unique advantages of light weight, high strength and fast construction, so it has a large span for the high-rise, large span, especially the super high-rise.


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