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Is the house that the assembled house “spelled” is a luxury?
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2017-11-17
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 Reducing costs yet to nurture the market

 Assembly houses< trong=""> Calculate an economic account, although it can be more measured by efficiency and effectiveness. However, from the promotion of assembly houses, construction costs must also be reduced.

 How to reduce costs? The answer is that if there is a large enough building volume, it is actually a scale benefit. Relevant persons from the Municipal Housing Management Bureau also admitted that the current assembly-type residential market is in its infancy, with small scale and insufficient competition. In the future, prefabricated houses will be a key point in the industrialization of housing. To continuously develop and nurture the market through policy guidance, and to increase the scale of prefabricated houses, the cost will naturally fall.

 At present, Shanghai has clearly formulated a road map and timetable for the city to accelerate the industrialization of housing, and encourages leading enterprises to enter the field through various incentives and compensation mechanisms.

 Accordingly, at present, the development and construction enterprises such as Vanke, Urban Construction, Construction Engineering, China Construction Eighth Bureau and Greenland Group have been actively exploring and piloting the construction industrialization, design, construction, The number of enterprises such as components and accessories has also increased, and an industry chain that supports each other has been formed.

Including the Shanghai, China's pilot provinces and cities in the process of promoting residential industrialization, are the first to practice assembly in the government-led affordable housing construction projects and public welfare public buildings projects. Housing, but also government "orders" to drive more market demand.

 Industry upgrades have spawned big markets

 Promoting prefabricated homes, from "building" houses to "manufacturing" houses, only one word difference is actually the construction industry Transformation and upgrades. With the technological innovation and the upgrading of the industry, it will inevitably lead to a big market.

 Industry sources say that it is related to the fabricated residential market, of course not only technology, but also a new design model, production and construction mode, process management model, and even the entire real estate business development, From investment and financing to project operation, to post-delivery use, renovation and property management, etc., it will be very different. Among them, there are many emerging markets that can be tapped.

  For example, adapting to new construction methods, industrial workers need to upgrade, and retraining is a big market.

 In fact, in recent years, the cost of labor in the traditional construction industry has become higher and higher, and the wages of workers have increased at a rate of more than 20% per year, and there is still no way to alleviate the shortage of labor. In fact, when measuring and comparing the construction cost of the prefabricated house and the traditional mode, if the traditional construction industry relies on the large amount of labor demand and the future cost continues to increase, the amount of labor saved by the assembly house may also be cut costs.

 For example, to adapt to the future of the prefabricated residential community, property management and maintenance services will be more informational and intelligent.

Assembling houses are pre-installed with chips in the production process, “assembled” into the house, and any problems in any part can be remotely monitored by the chip, and the house can be “checked in real time” in advance. Prevent and ensure safety and comfort. At that time, the property maintenance business will move forward, instead of the house problem, affecting normal life, and people will be notified of the overhaul. Maintenance is only one of them. In the future, property management is smart, and there are many “articles” that can be done.



In addition, new technologies and new processes have placed higher demands on architectural design, and construction materials are constantly With the need for improvement, with the promotion of prefabricated houses, the construction industry will gradually phase out backward production capacity and usher in a major reshuffle.


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