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Sustainable development of steel structure residence
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2017-12-14


  The steel structure is a green building in the 21st century. This is an effective way to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable development in China. Low carbon construction: CO2 emissions from construction of steel structures are about 480kg/m2, which is 740.6kg/m2 compared with conventional concrete. Reduced by more than 35%;   Material: Steel structure residential high-rise building weight is about 900-1000kg/m2, traditional concrete is about 1500-1800 kg/m2, and its weight is reduced by about 40%. can significantly reduce the consumption of resources such as cement, sand and the like, thereby greatly reducing carbon emissions during mineral excavation, smelting and transportation; And scaffolding, if its market share increases by 5 percentage points, can reduce wood felling equivalent to 9000 hectares of forest;

  ●Building weight reduction, also save about 30% of underground pile foundation;
  Water saving (reducing sewage discharge): Steel structure houses are mainly on-site assembly and construction, which can greatly reduce water and sewage discharge during construction. If its market share increases by 5 percentage points, it will reduce sewage discharge equivalent to 10 West Lake total water;   Energy saving (saving energy consumption): CCA lightweight grouting wall has good self-insulation function, which is traditional The brick wall insulation performance is 3 times, which greatly reduces the operating energy consumption.
Land (to improve the efficiency of land use): steel structure is "high and light", high-rise buildings are easy to achieve, can improve the utilization efficiency of unit land area; indoor rate increases by 5% - 8%, underground Garage parking spaces can be increased by 10%-20%. Today, the social and economic value is particularly prominent in the case of the problem of parking space and parking difficulties.

Environmental protection: assembly construction, reducing noise on the construction site, Wastewater and dust pollution, reduce sand and construction waste discharge, protect the environment, and create a new era of architectural civilization.

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