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Comparative analysis of prefabricated houses and traditional houses
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2018-04-27
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(1) Advantages of traditional architecture: The stability and rigidity of the structure are better, and the connections between the various components are mostly connected to ensure the integrity of the structural system. The cast-in-place concrete structure can be varied and can be arranged in a more random manner. The technology of cast-in-place concrete is very mature and prosperous in the market. Not only the industrial chain is complete, but the social division of labor is stable. Moreover, the large-scale use of labor has solved the employment problem of many people to a certain extent and played a pivotal role in economic construction. Super high-rise buildings are more suitable for the combination of cast-in-place and steel structures, and are more advantageous for resisting earthquakes and wind loads.

(2) Disadvantages of traditional architecture: it takes a lot of manpower, the construction process is complicated, and it is easy to produce waste water from the construction site, resulting in dust on the site and surrounding areas. The construction noise has a great impact, the construction period is long, and the safety quality is not easy to guarantee. Use a variety of templates and so on. Gradually do not meet the direction of the resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and do not meet the construction concept of scientific development and green construction.

(3) Advantages of the prefabricated house: Firstly, it is composed of parts and components, so it is more suitable for standardization and large-scale production. By pre-fabrication in the factory, the waste generated by construction site construction will be reduced. The personnel will also be transferred from the construction site to work in the production workshop, which can further solve the working environment problems. Pre-fabrication is also conducive to the guarantee of component quality and avoiding quality problems. Secondly, the assembly house construction period is short, and it can be completed quickly by technical splicing, and this only needs to ensure the accuracy problem and the connection problem. Finally, it conforms to a series of ecological thrift problems such as green health, environmental protection and low carbon, energy saving and energy saving advocated by the society in the context of the great era. This has largely alleviated environmental pollution and achieved low carbon emissions and energy conservation.

(2) Disadvantages of fabricated houses: As a new building industry in the future, there must be some obstacles and disadvantages in the process of development. First, the current relevant management norms, approval procedures, and construction systems are still not perfect, and are being researched and piloted. Second, the domestic supply industry chain is imperfect, and it is in a state with few varieties and a single form, which is difficult to meet various complexities. The needs of the house. Third, the shortage and quality of the talent team has also become a bottleneck restricting development. The quality of the general labor force is low, and professional technology is still in short supply. In addition, the cost issue that a company is most concerned about is also a difficult point of promotion. According to the relevant research statistics, the unilateral cost of the prefabricated house is higher than the cost of the cast-in-place house, and with the gradual increase of the assembly rate, the greater the difference in cost, this correlation leads to the prefabricated house still can not be Compared with the poured concrete structure, it is difficult to compete.

Comparative Analysis

Assembled homes cost more than cast-in-place, limiting developer development, but as the scale advances, it will gradually reflect its price advantage; Shorter construction and construction time is conducive to saving money; the nature of professional talents to be used must change, the lack of sophisticated talents, and the need to improve comprehensive quality; the management system and coordination system are still not mature, and need to be improved. The chain has yet to be built; the prefabricated houses are more in line with the needs of the times, and green construction and social development echo each other.

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