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The best gift for parents is a self-designed assembly house
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2018-05-09



A British guy gave his parents a grand gift - a house, some people may sneer, but if you tell the house that the boy is designed by himself, he built it, presumably I will be shocked. If you tell me that this house has not only become the place where the old couples lived in their old age, but also won many honors and rewards, you must be anxious and curious to think about the wonderfulness of this house!

The boy is named Richard. This house also has a nice name, Shawn. Richards has been studying renewable energy at the university before graduation. After graduation, he worked with architects on the energy cycle of the building. The study led to the creation of this set of residential buildings in the Northumberland town.

Richards's original house is old and has been replaced, but does not want to leave the hometown of the town. Richards attaches great importance to his parents' little wishes in his later years. Although he is not a builder, he has built a small house with the most energy-efficient hydropower equipment to test the building. The impact on the beauty of the town.

Shawn is made of wood, one side of which is stoned and the whole shape resembles a traditional barn. The materials used are locally taken, such as larch wood, and the wooden structure of the house is similar to that of an old-fashioned hay shed.

The low energy consumption of prefabricated homes is highly enclosed, reducing the need for heat. This eliminates the need for insulation heating equipment and, on the other hand, a good ventilation environment under the thermal cycle system.

Solar photovoltaic panels are the main source of indoor energy. The rainwater recycling system recycles wastewater and wastewater. Shawn is also equipped with ramps, electric blinds and automatic front doors. Shawn has won four regions. The RIBA Award, a national RIBA award, has long been included in the 2017 RIBA house.

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