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Analysis of the factors affecting the quality of the construction process of the prefabricated house
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2018-04-04
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1.    Construction Accessories Supply Impact:

In the construction process of the prefabricated house, the construction unit should clearly define the The types of accessories, focus on construction quality management, to avoid adverse effects on shear walls and floors. At present, the production and accessories companies in China are small in scale and lack practical production experience, resulting in quality problems in parts and accessories. Once inside the construction site, it will affect the actual construction effect.

2.    Impact of construction preparation:

In the construction process of prefabricated houses, construction preparation has an important impact on construction quality. Therefore, the construction unit should carefully analyze the construction volume of the assembled residential project, optimize the influencing factors, and prepare the construction technology in advance. Therefore, the construction unit should formulate and improve the construction quality planning and management according to the construction contract regulations, optimize the management of construction components, and improve the technical level and safety production awareness of construction workers. At the same time, we must combine the actual situation, do a good job in the management of the construction site, eliminate the surrounding bad security risks, and do the construction drawings. Review and develop scientific and reasonable assembly plans to ensure the smooth completion of the construction.


3.    Impact of construction personnel and machinery:

In order to ensure construction quality, the construction unit should clarify the construction quality Management objectives, strengthen the management of construction technology management personnel and construction technology equipment, avoid construction quality problems caused by improper operation of construction personnel, and affect and improve the overall construction quality of the assembled residential buildings. The construction of the assembled house has greatly changed the proportion of staffing and the proportion of construction machinery and equipment. Therefore, in order to improve the construction efficiency, during the concrete construction process, the construction unit should analyze the potential proportions according to the specific construction schedule and analyze the potential unfavorable factors. Do a good job of construction workers. Optimized combination of construction machinery and equipment. However, under the influence of human factors, the illegal operation is not strictly carried out in accordance with the construction standards. Without proper transportation equipment and lifting equipment, the construction will proceed smoothly and the construction quality will be reduced. At the same time, the actual construction process requirements are high during the construction of the beam-slab column. Do a good job in the construction site lap joint, on-site grouting project. However, due to the large error in the measurement results of the line, the quality of the structure and accessories cannot meet the actual construction standards, thus affecting the overall stability of the fabricated residential building structure.

4.    Management coordination factors:

In the construction of prefabricated houses, the construction process is very demanding. It is necessary to improve the management level of the construction organization, change the traditional backward management mode, pay attention to the work of construction technology, avoid unnecessary design changes, and in the final acceptance process of the project. It is necessary to coordinate the relationship between the construction units, do a good job in project supervision, and ensure the quality of construction and accessories to meet the needs of current construction. In addition, during the construction of the prefabricated house, the construction unit shall set up a special quality management personnel, follow-up the whole process of construction of the prefabricated house, do a good job of feedback on the construction quality problem, and carry out corresponding coordination work and actual construction. schedule.

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