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Container Housing Manufacturer: Mobile Hotel
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2018-05-30



This mobile hotel, can you see that it is a container?


With the booming and rapid spread of prefabricated buildings, container-building houses are no longer a spokesperson for novelty, but the designers’ bold attempts are ingenious. The design and the final eye-catching effect of the molding still make the prefabricated building enduring. Australia's 20-foot-tall container-style hotel attracts the world's attention, and its glittering point is the advantage of formal assembly architecture folding and packaging, easy to transport and install. Container house manufacturers, preferred Qingdao Green Integrated Housing


As mentioned above, integrated buildings break the drawbacks of traditional buildings, making buildings an "art of walking", container house The design possibilities encourage people to divergent thinking, design according to the way they imagine the building, to build, to live, not only that, any place can become a dream home.


Every room at the Australian Container Hotel is equipped with an extra large double bed, a bathroom with a bathtub and a wet bar. Outside, there is a separate deck seating area with parasols overhead, and the warm and welcoming sun on the Australian coast is thrown into the room through huge floor-to-ceiling windows.

The focus and main feature of the container house is portable, and it will be built with you, but this will not affect the interior design of the house. Each has its own characteristics. If only you are allowed In the interior, you never think that such a house can be moved to the beach and moved into the jungle and the countryside.

The original intention of the designer is to meet the traveller's requirements for living conditions, convenient and comfortable. For the unparalleled beauty of the world, they have no hesitation. With a portable container hotel, the beauty and comfort of living together, it is even more icing on the cake. In Queensland, this portable hotel has been in existence in Sydney Harbour.

Container housing manufacturers, preferred Qingdao Green Integrated Housing

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