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Because of low carbon flexible modular construction abroad favored
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2018-08-17

"Whether it's residential, commercial or public buildings, you can build it with Modular Buildings." Liu Dongwei, executive architect of the China Building Standard Design Institute, said that modular buildings are built for buildings. Some natural advantages. First of all, modular buildings have good seismic and deformation resistance due to the use of steel materials. Secondly, the modular buildings are all standard sizes, which are suitable for modular and industrial production methods. After prefabrication in the factory, the installation on site is simple and can reduce environmental pollution. Not only that, the transportation and loading and unloading facilities of the modular building are relatively complete, and the reconstructed building has strong flexibility and convenient transportation, which is suitable for the needs of temporary housing.

A case highlights the ability of modular buildings to be low-carbon intensive. The water consumption of modular building construction is 1/30 of that of brick-concrete structure, the concrete loss is 1/50; the construction waste and decoration waste are reduced by about 99%, the building materials recovery rate is 70% higher than that of traditional buildings, and the construction period is shortened. 50%, compared with brick-concrete houses, the overall energy saving is about 50%.

Nowadays, most modular buildings are placed and installed by means of integral lifting. They can be moved at any time. The water and electricity lines inside have been pre-set, and the corresponding external pipes can be used directly.

In fact, modular buildings are favored by many architects because of their low carbonity and flexibility. In many countries such as the UK, Japan, France, modular buildings and combination houses have been widely It is used to manufacture houses, museums, office buildings, exhibition halls and other creative buildings. It is not only widely used in the private sector, but also supported and actively participated by the government. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is the city with the largest number of container houses in the world. .

In the United States, major mobile home manufacturers are launching a number of mobile homes each year in response to market demand, often with a hard-to-find situation.

Unlike the trend and environmental protection pointed out by foreign modular buildings, the domestic “cabinet family” chooses modular buildings more because of a helplessness.

"The gap between housing prices and income is too large, and the imperfect housing system is an important reason for the emergence of the city's 'cabibe'." Xie Yifeng, president of the Asia-Pacific City Real Estate Association, told reporters that the “cabizu” group is spread all over the country, mainly based on college students and migrant workers who graduated soon. They can neither afford housing nor apply for affordable housing, so they choose to save money. Free in this form in the city.

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