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Design system for steel structure houses
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2018-09-07

        From the design perspective, analyze the characteristics of the steel structure residential system, and introduce the design ideas of the special-shaped steel column residential project. Data comparison analysis is carried out for the frame structure using different damping ratios and basic schemes; the common problems in the design are summarized; different opinions are proposed on the design criteria.

The choice of steel structure residential system from the perspective of the completed steel structure housing, mainly:

1) thin-walled steel composite wall Plate form;

2) pure frame form;

3) frame support form;

4) steel reinforced concrete combination form;

5) Steel frame - concrete seismic wall form and so on.

        These structural forms have their own characteristics, of which the thin-walled steel composite wall panel form is particularly suitable for shaping products, the system is evolved from the wallboard structure, that is, thin-walled steel The column members are arranged at a pitch of about 600 mm to form a vertical load-bearing structure, a profiled steel support system to resist horizontal forces, and the floor slab is arranged as a rib support structure according to the position of the vertical profile steel, because the upper structure is a wall-like structure, and the foundation is based on The force situation is set to a strip foundation, and the requirements on the foundation are not high.

        The thin-walled steel composite wallboard house is affected by the dense structure, and there are certain restrictions on the size of the opening, door and window openings, and the size of the picking members. The latter forms can meet the design requirements of multi-story houses, but there is a common problem from the perspective of use, that is, the influence of the pillars and columns on the interior perception of the house. Compared with other buildings, houses have their own special characteristics. Offices and workshops can adopt relatively fixed column nets, and the height of the columns is also high. The space occupied by the beams and columns is suitable for people's perception. The rules of column nets are conducive to the arrangement of beams. On the contrary, the house is a varied product. According to the requirements of the building, the regular column net is rarely arranged. The opening in the room is relatively small and varies greatly, which is not conducive to the steel frame arrangement.

        Because of the characteristics of steel, it can only form a frame system or a truss system in the house. It can be said that if the frame system is suitable for ordinary houses, the steel frame must have its Where the general framework does not solve the residential application problem, the conventional steel frame system has similar weaknesses in ordinary residential applications.

        Inspired by the short-limb shear wall structure, the author designed the steel column into a special-shaped column in the design of the steel structure to meet the requirements of building changes. The three-storey model room of a residential project is designed as a special-shaped steel column pure frame structure, and the building adopts a block partition wall. After completion, the external and indoor look and feel are satisfactory, which is consistent with the actual effect of the finished product (concrete shear wall structure).

        In the industrial plant design often used special-shaped steel column, when using the frame of the force system, the profiled steel column is often designed to be biaxially symmetric or uniaxially symmetric in the main force direction, the vertical direction of the plant The support system resists the longitudinal horizontal force, and the tie rod and the support member are connected to the special-shaped column weak shaft-shaped mandrel, so that the structural concept design and the calculation using the rod system software are easy to handle.

         It can be seen that in the steel structure house, the beam-shaped mandrel of the beam and column is not in the same position, which is not in accordance with the conventional design concept, and is calculated by the lever system software. The off-axis problem cannot be solved.

         Nevertheless, compared with the short-limb shear wall structure, the author believes that the profiled column is modified in the original larger rectangular frame column section or the whole concrete wall. The profiled section with a small cross-sectional area also reduces the cross-sectional characteristics, while the profiled steel column adds a T-section to the section of an I-beam, which in turn increases the cross-sectional characteristics of the weak axis, in particular The rigid connection joint between the steel beam and the weak axis of the steel column is transformed into the connection with the column flange. It is better than the rigid connection of the I-beam in the weak axis direction in the common design, and the weak axis of the I-beam is strengthened. Stable, it is very beneficial to structural safety.

         It is generally believed that the rigid connection of the I-beam is weak, so it is recommended in many construction manuals that the hinged frame plus the support system or the steel pipe column is used in the weak axis. Design scheme, seismic specification "When the column is connected to the beam in two mutually perpendicular directions, the box-shaped section should be adopted. When it is just connected in one direction, the I-shaped section should be adopted, and the column web should be placed just after the column. In the plane of the frame."

         Although there is no clear in the specification that the weak axis of the I-beam column cannot be connected with the steel beam, the seismic load-bearing of the joint is based on the seismic code. Force verification requirements, weak axis connection is generally unable to meet the relevant provisions.

        The shape of the special-shaped steel column is easier to process than the box-shaped column, and the construction is convenient to save steel. Compared with the frame support system, the support part is reduced. The application angle can be flexibly used in residential walls to meet the architect's requirements for no exposed structural members in the home.

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