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Characteristics of steel structure houses
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2018-11-09

1. Lightweight and high strength

The steel structure house has the advantages of high strength and light weight, and generally reduces the building's own weight by about 1/3. For example, the strength of the steel is G550, the strength of the concrete is C25, the ratio of the strength of the two, the member of the same quality, the bearing capacity of the steel structure is twice that of the concrete; correspondingly, the weight of the member with the same bearing capacity, but the weight of the steel member It is half of concrete. On the other hand, due to the light weight and high strength of the steel structure, the steel structure members have a small cross section and a high net height, which can save the building height. The steel structure has more layers than the concrete, which increases the building area and Brought good economic benefits.

Second, excellent seismic performance

Compared with the traditional residential structure, the steel structure residential structure is flexible and has a light weight. Therefore, the buildings with the same intensity and intensity are the same. The earthquake force is small, and the earthquake disaster caused by it is correspondingly weakened. The application of steel structure houses in the earthquake zone will reduce casualties and property losses, and has considerable comprehensive benefits.

3. Flexible layout and effective use area

With steel structure, large span can be realized under the premise that the section is not too large, which makes the building function very strong. The flexibility can be flexibly arranged according to the needs of the residents, which is conducive to meeting the needs of modern homes and adapting to the needs of the modern residential market. Moreover, the steel structure is adopted, and the beam-column section is small, and the use area of the household is increased.

Fourth, steel structure residential energy conservation and environmental protection

The main structure of the steel structure housing is steel components, the wall material is thermal insulation mortar, not only can meet the requirements of energy saving, but also can be recycled It is a green and environmentally-friendly circular building that meets the requirements of sustainable development. The thermal resistance value can reach a brick wall thickness of about 1 m. In a country with a large population and large energy consumption in China, the promotion and application of steel-structured houses is the ultimate choice.

V. High degree of industrialization and short construction period

Steel structure houses are made of steel plates or sections, processed into components, and then installed. A large amount of work is done in the professional Ji Baixing factory, with high production precision and short production cycle.

A large number of bolted connections are used for installation, which has good assemblyability and greatly shortens the construction period. Moreover, this advantage also makes the completed steel structure easy to disassemble, and the loss is small and can be easily recycled.

Six, convenient layout of pipe network

In residential buildings, there are many professional pipe network lines for plumbing, which will reduce the effective use area in traditional buildings, but in steel houses. In the beam-column member, it is easy to open holes or holes, and it is easy to form a cavity arranged by the line, and the beam can be artificially formed into a honeycomb shape to facilitate the arrangement of the line, which not only saves the construction height but also increases the use area.

VII. Diversified structural systems

The structural systems that can be used in steel-structured houses have been developed. Steel frame structures, steel frame-support structures, frame-tube structures (steel frames, Simplified concrete structure), frame-shear wall structure (shear wall can be steel plate, concrete or steel with built-in steel support), light steel structure and staggered truss structure system can be used as residential structure selection.

8. The construction cost is slightly higher than that of concrete or equivalent.

The cost of steel structural materials is higher than that of concrete, but its construction period is short, the use area is large, and the same conditions can increase the number of layers. This makes the construction cost of steel-structured houses slightly higher than or equal to concrete, and the actual economic benefits are significant. Making steel structure houses the first choice for high quality and low price, it is the best choice for replacing brick and stone structure houses in the future.

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