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Discriminating the misunderstanding of prefabricated residential development (1)
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2018-12-26
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Is it a fabricated structure or an assembled house?

At present, the prefabricated house is a product under the background of new building industrialization. The discussion is about the transformation of the overall construction model of the building, not the integration of the main structure. Therefore, the focus is on the industrial production, installation and management of the Ministry of Construction, not just the main structure, which is the fundamental problem of construction industrialization.

However, the reality is that the design and research of a large number of prefabricated houses is still in accordance with the idea of a fabricated structure, and there is a general misunderstanding of the overall structure and the neglect of the overall architecture. Leading the development and design of the prefabricated house, the structure is professional or standing on the structural stand. When discussing the technical system of the assembled house, it also focuses on the structural system, and even some of the system of the main structure defaults to the technical system of the assembled house.

In fact, years of experience in fabricated steel construction has shown that structural engineers' dominant model of structural assembly is extremely detrimental to the promotion of prefabricated homes, especially in residential buildings. For steel structures with natural assembly properties, due to the lack of overall consideration of the building, the assembly of steel structures is about assembly houses, resulting in a large number of large-scale rough-type assembly houses, which have been in place for many years. Missed promotion opportunities and even affected the reputation of prefabricated homes.

The latest standard of fabricated residential buildings has completely shifted to the overall positioning and ideas of prefabricated houses, giving up the narrow concept of fabricated structures. It is not difficult to see that the "assembly" in the canonical name is a modifier of "architecture".

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