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Analysis of the development status of prefabricated houses
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2019-03-20

With the popularity of a well-off society and the people’s living standards Raising, more and more people are not satisfied with low-end housing. Due to the poor durability of the brick-concrete structure, the room layout is rigid and the insulation and moisture-proof performance are insufficient. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable house to build a new house.

 There are many topics about assembly houses, but they are very limited in practical applications. Once the heat fades, how to avoid being a victim of concept hype and realize its true value is worth thinking about and Exploring from a geographical perspective, the application of prefabricated houses is mainly divided into two aspects, one is rural housing construction and the other is urban infrastructure construction.

1. Rural housing construction

The application of most of the prefabricated houses at this stage is the rural light steel villas. The Chinese have a tradition of going home to visit relatives on holidays. In the year, we can often see many people returning to their hometown to build light steel villas. Some wealthy people will even build a very luxurious atmosphere in the villas. They have different communication habits with urban residents. Most of the rural neighborhoods know each other and the big and small things will be Singing everywhere, so when a beautiful light steel villa is built, some people will envy, and some will compare. On the surface, people's living standards have improved, but from the long-term perspective of the light steel construction industry, these squadrons are not conducive to the overall development, but more like a false, individualized prosperity.

The correct development direction should be the combination of light steel villa popularization and socialist new rural construction, shantytown renovation and resettlement projects, and institutionalized, scaled and standardized assembly within the policy scope. The construction of residential houses has become an efficient way to improve the natural environment and living environment, improve people's livelihood and facilitate management under various policies.

2. Urban infrastructure

The speed and volume of urban development far exceeds that of rural areas, so building materials and structural forms are much better than those of rural backward bricks. The city's land resources are limited, so it is a lot of high-rise buildings, so that more use of vertical space. Current high-rise buildings are dominated by reinforced concrete and heavy steel structures. Due to the material properties of the light steel structure, it is not possible to build a multi-storey building separately. In this regard, the engineers did not give up the study of the application of light steel in high-rise buildings, and later appeared light steel thin-wall composite beams, composite slabs and other building components. There are also ways in which high-rise buildings use light steel structures for layering. Although these new methods have been applied in foreign and domestic areas, the effectiveness and safety still need to be verified for a long time.

The brick-concrete structure carries too much historical memory, but because it is too much, it will eventually be completely eliminated, and the reinforced concrete structure and (heavy) steel structure will still become the main architectural form of the present and even the long-term. . Today, with the increasingly prominent environmental protection issues and the legislation of environmental protection policies, the advantages of prefabricated houses have been demonstrated and expanded, and the application space has been very broad. I believe that with the advancement of materials science and advances in production technology, fabricated houses will be more widely displayed and applied in various fields of society.

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