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How many misunderstandings do we have about steel houses?
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2019-05-27
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        Today's very popular steel structure housing, due to the use of resources recycling, energy saving and environmental protection, short construction period, low cost, etc., received government policy support. For those who have lived in traditional turn-mixed houses, there is always a sense of security in steel-framed homes. In fact, China has already begun to use steel-structured houses more than 20 years ago, but it has not been widely promoted for some reasons. This has caused many people to be misunderstood about steel-framed houses.

        So in the end, how many misunderstandings do we have about steel houses? The following small series will take a look at some common misunderstandings:

        Misunderstanding 1: Steel structure housing is the kind of movable board room used in factories?

       Do we think steel houses are like this?


       The structure of the house is like this

            The movable board room is widely used in construction sites, simple and convenient The function becomes a temporary housing for workers. The steel structure house has independent load-bearing structure, which has the functions of heat insulation, sound insulation and fire prevention. It is safe, comfortable, beautiful, and has a long service life. It is suitable for long-term residence.  

       Miscellaneous 2: The steel structure houses are all villas, very expensive.

        Many people see the appearance of steel-structured residential villas, they think that this is the exclusive of the rich, how ordinary people Affordable, in fact, the cost of steel-structured houses is not expensive, the steel-framed houses are not large, and there is no land price problem, which greatly reduces the cost. There is not much difference in the cost of traditional houses.

      Misunderstanding 3: Steel structure houses can only be built up to two floors.

      Commercial Complex in Steel Residential Mode

        Supermarket of steel structure residential mode 

       Steel House Mode School

       Light steel The common house is a two-storey villa. In fact, the light steel house can be built up to 9 floors. The safety performance is guaranteed. All requirements are in line with the relevant national standards. Light steel villas can be used not only as residential buildings or residential buildings, but also as school teaching buildings, street-facing shops, commercial and residential buildings, factory offices, staff canteens, etc., with short construction period, flexible layout and very practical. If you want to build a higher-rise building, you can also choose a house with a heavy steel structure to meet the building requirements of a building below 30 stories.

        After reading this article, is there a new understanding of steel structure housing, Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. is a collection design, development and manufacturing Specialized integrated housing production enterprises. We can provide customers with a variety of personalized design solutions, ready to serve you.

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