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What are the advantages of the assembly builders?
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2019-06-12
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      Building a house today is as simple as producing a machine. Assembled building manufacturers simply ship the prefabricated building components to the site for assembly. Integrate various new business forms such as R&D, manufacturing, on-site assembly and other business areas to achieve sustainable development of building products with energy saving, environmental protection and full cycle value. That being said, what are the advantages of prefabricated buildings?

       The first thing to say is the environmental issues that are being promoted all over the world. Prefabricated buildings are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, reducing pollution. The characteristics of the circular economy are remarkable, because the steel formwork used can be recycled, saving a lot of scaffolding and formwork work, saving wood resources. In addition, since the components are produced at the factory, there is less wet work on site, which greatly reduces noise.

      Reduce labor costs. At present, China's construction industry has insufficient labor force, lack of skilled personnel, large overall age of workers, and rising costs, which makes traditional construction methods unsustainable. Due to the prefabricated factory construction, on-site assembly and construction, the prefabricated building has a high degree of mechanization, reducing the number of on-site construction and management personnel by nearly 10 times. It saves considerable labor costs and increases labor productivity.

      guarantee the quality of the project. Traditional on-site construction is limited by the uneven quality of workers, and quality accidents occur. The fabricated building components are produced in prefabricated factories, and the temperature, humidity and other conditions can be controlled during the production process, and the quality of the components is more easily guaranteed.

      Improve productivity. The components of the prefabricated building are produced by steel molds in prefabricated factories, reducing the number of scaffolding and formwork, so the production cost is relatively low, especially when producing more complex components, the advantages are more obvious; at the same time, the corresponding construction process is omitted. , greatly improving the time utilization.

      Reducing security risks. Most of the traditional construction is open-air operation and high-altitude operation, which has great safety hazards. After the components of the prefabricated building are transported to the site, the professional installation team strictly follows the process for assembly, which greatly improves the quality of the project and reduces the safety hazards.

      The emergence of prefabricated building manufacturers, the state's support policies for subsidized buildings and subsidies, indicating that this will be an emerging market, a major in the history of architecture Reforms, fewer workers' safety hazards, shorter construction periods, etc. have become significant advantages for prefabricated buildings.

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