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Building details of steel-framed residential hotel
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2019-07-08

        The hotel is a place for people to relax and holiday, so the design should be the design basis of the resort's leisure needs. The construction of the steel-structured residential hotel is the same, from the landscape atmosphere, architectural style, Interior decoration, infrastructure, guiding systems, etc., will eventually fall into the service and management system. Each link must serve the “theme” positioning and form the core competitiveness of the resort.

       The choice of location of steel-structured residential hotels becomes even more important. The choice of our surroundings and transportation can determine the location of the hotel. One of the objective factors that can be considered in the process, when designing and constructing a hotel, it is necessary to consider whether the traffic can bring a large number of customers, and also need to consider that the hotel's construction design can perfectly integrate with the surrounding scenery, which is also prominent in the hotel. One of the themes of the theme.

The hotel itself is well-equipped and is the basic condition for staying and willing to re-consume. Steel structure residential design should also meet the needs of major management, logistics integrated services, consumer spending habits. At the same time, in the public service space for visitors, should focus on the project function positioning and theme positioning, in a "contextualized" way to "eat, live, travel, entertainment, physical, treatment, learning, enlightenment" and other aspects of overall balance to meet tourists Diversified needs.

        The steel structure house realizes the harmonious unity of “creating half artificial half” through the use of the limit and the resource advantages of playing with the natural environment. The hotel should fully inspect and respect the existing basic environment in the design process, infiltrate the natural landscape into the artificial landscape, and maintain the continuity of the space inside and outside the building, and infiltrate each other. The gradual change brings the correlation between the scene experience and the continuity of the visual experience. .

There is a good understanding of the initial creation of the hotel, so that you can have an accurate plan in the initial design of the steel house, aim to build, and use a unique construction style. The main design concept is to create a steel structure residential hotel.

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