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Steel house will be stuffy into the oven in summer?
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2019-06-24
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        Summer is here, the temperature is rising, when it comes to steel-framed houses, is it going to think of the oven, so staying in the steel house in the summer is not hot? Xiao Bian first gave everyone a peace of mind, not only is not hot but also quite cool, is not a little can not believe, let us look at it.

In fact, in the early days of construction, these problems were raised and solved very well. The steel structure house is not the same as a large iron sheet we imagined. It uses the latest sandwich technology. The maintenance materials and roofing materials adopt green energy-saving building materials such as self-insulating wall panels and self-insulating blocks. Make the indoor and outdoor into an incompatible temperature difference, which is warm in winter and cool in summer. If you feel that these invisible are not insured, it is okay to look down.

        (1) The roof is permeable to the wind. When exposed to direct sunlight, adopting a wind-permeable energy-saving roof can make the roof occupy a deep breathing power, and the necessary eczema is discharged from the window layer. The system sends out the roof to maintain the dryness and well-being of the whole roof; ''It can also improve the heat insulation function while discharging the steel structure heating and moisture, and extend the building operation time.

        (2) Windshield, if the object inside the steel structure is sun-heated, the skylight alone is used to absent the real cooling method, and the sun-heated object is irradiated. And the spread of heat is fast, so that the indoor atmosphere is kept at a low temperature, as long as the sun is blocked in the open air, so that indoor objects attract the absence of sunlight, so that the measurement within the steel structure is rapidly reduced.

        (3) through the wind and heat, the summer steel structure shines through the sun, attracting sunlight, the atmosphere measurement in the rock wool sandwich panel is reduced, and the composition of the atmosphere is poor. The higher the measurement of the top surface, the more we open the skylight on the roof (10-15 square meters on the top), let the warm atmosphere flow out through the skylight to the top surface, while the high temperature atmosphere at the bottom is supplemented by the facade window (the chimney effect), indoor The atmosphere is active and quick to repeat and cool down.

       (4) If it still feels not enough, then the air conditioner can always solve the problem, we have equipped the steel structure house, what temperature is the temperature, even if it is summer It’s swaying in the quilt, so you don’t have to worry about being grilled in a steel house.

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