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The construction of Qingdao steel structure houses is not high on the ground.
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2019-06-13

       The construction of Qingdao steel structure houses will be very difficult. Everyone knows that Qingdao belongs to the coastal hilly city, the terrain is high in the east and low in the west, and the north and south sides The bulge is low in the middle. This kind of terrain is not suitable for building steel structure houses. Let's take a look.

        First of all, we can be sure that the requirements of the steel structure for the foundation are much lower than the traditional steel mix. The main advantage of the steel structure house is that it is not affected by any geological environment. Whether it is a wet area or a boring area, it can be used for construction and save most of the construction period. The usual steel structure is mainly dry. Construction, and adapt to work in a variety of geological conditions, the implementation of earthquake resistance, the cost is also less, which also causes steel structure houses often appear in the high-incidence area of the earthquake, its installation and protection It is faster.

        To eliminate the adverse effects of liquefaction subsidence on the steel structure, the following options are available:

        Option 1: When the steel structure house adopts a deep foundation, the depth of the foundation bottom buried in the stable soil layer below the depth of the liquid should not be less than 500mm.

        Option 2: Steel structure houses adopt encryption method, such as vibrating method, sand pile compaction method, strong tamping method, etc. When reinforced foundation, soil layer liquefaction should be treated The depth of the lower interface, and the measured value of the standard penetration hammer number of the treated soil layer should be greater than the critical value of soil liquefaction.

       Scheme 3: When the pile foundation is used in the steel structure engineering, the length of the pile end extending into the stable soil layer below the liquefaction depth shall be calculated and determined according to the bearing capacity of the pile. It shall not be less than the following values to remove all liquefiable soil layers within the bearing layer of the high-rise foundation.

       At the time of construction, we also need to pay attention to two points:

       First point: foundation selection . Everyone who knows the structure of concrete structures must know the importance of its foundation, not only to choose the foundation, but also to lay the foundation in advance. For steel structures, because its main structure is derived from light steel, its quality is relatively light, so its requirements for foundation are not high. However, it should be noted that it is necessary to choose to build on a shallow foundation. This is a ground selection problem that needs attention.

       Second point: It is obvious that some sand-like land is not suitable for concrete buildings, but for steel-structured houses, there is actually not much problem in building. of. Only in order to better ensure and enhance the stability of the building, especially in the construction of some high-rise buildings, it is recommended that you do not choose such geology. But if necessary, it is also possible to dig out the foundation in a relatively soft trench, which is not too picky and demanding on the foundation.

        Therefore, the construction of Qingdao steel structure houses is lower than the traditional housing requirements. In the current urban construction, it has played the role of a house that cannot be replaced, and has now completed the standardized form of construction, and has established the concept of efficient construction in everyone's mind.

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