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Is the integrated home manufacturer becoming the dominant building in the future?
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2019-07-18
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       Integrated home manufacturers will become the dominant building in the future? At present, China's population growth trend will not decline even in the next 15 years, which will result in a large number of people and less land resources. However, people's density requirements for housing and the greening requirements of surrounding environment have been improved. With the pace of the times, in the end, whether the integrated house will become the leader of the future construction industry by virtue of its own advantages, let us analyze it together.

  Before the development of steel structure houses, most of the buildings in China were concrete structures and precast concrete structures. Later, under the continuous development and improvement of integrated house manufacturers, the prefabricated steel structure was obtained. Great development has been continuously recognized by the society. Because of its light weight, convenient production and processing, controllable quality, and convenient on-site assembly, coupled with some of its own performance advantages, the current steel structure has prospered.

       Integrated housing steel structure residential and traditional concrete structure residential comparison, where is the advantage?

       High space utilization. The steel structure has a small cross section, which can increase the effective area of the building by about 8% compared with the reinforced concrete structure. In terms of architectural style, the steel structure is also more flexible and rich, and the indoor space can be divided into multiple schemes to meet the needs of different users.

        Construction is safe and fast, and the construction period is short. Steel structural members can be industrially produced and installed on site. Due to the small amount of on-site work, there is less pollution to the surrounding environment, and at the same time, the degree of construction mechanization is high, which speeds up the construction. According to statistics, for buildings of the same size, the steel structure can be shortened by 1/3 compared to the construction period of the concrete structure, and the molding material can be saved.

       Conforms to the requirements of residential industrialization and sustainable development. The light steel structure is suitable for mass production in factories, with high degree of industrialization, and can integrate advanced products such as energy saving, waterproofing, heat insulation, doors and windows into one, complete application, design, production and construction, and improve the level of residential industrialization. .

        Light weight and good seismic performance. For the building floor of the same building area, the light steel structure has a light weight. According to the comparison, the weight of the 6-story light steel structure house is only equivalent to the weight of the 4-story brick-concrete structure house. Moreover, the steel has ductility and can better consume the energy brought by the earthquake, so the seismic performance is good and the structure is safe.

       The overall cost is low. Due to the light weight, the basic cost is reduced, the overall materials are reduced, the direct cost is reduced, the construction period is short, and the indirect costs can be reduced, so the overall cost is low.

        In summary, with the advantages of short construction period, high structural safety, large-scale production and high space utilization, integrated housing manufacturers absolutely occupy the future buildings. Leading position, leading the development of the times.

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