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Analysis of the development prospects of modular buildings
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2019-07-12

       Modular building is more responsive to the theme of the times than the traditional building, easy to adjust, less destructive to the site, disassembly can return to nature, then the module Where is the development prospect of the building? Let’s take a look.

        Module building damage to the site is minimal. The damage of the traditional building to the ground is irreversible. The traditional civil structure is good. When the building is demolished, the civil engineering can return to nature without causing too much damage to the site. However, today's concrete-based buildings are the opposite. When the building is demolished, the destruction of the land is a scar that cannot be erased. Especially in some beautiful natural environments, the buildings built are very harmful to the land. Today's urbanization has caused buildings to slowly erode the beautiful natural environment. If we don't change the way we build, the planet we see in the end will be a home full of scars.

       Modular buildings can improve the quality of living in a space. The large amount of pollution we have today is not outdoors, but indoors. The main carcinogen, formaldehyde, is mainly contained in the decoration of the glue and paint. Usually, the decoration of formaldehyde in the home takes two to three years to complete, and the inferior building materials are even longer. Due to the construction level and time efficiency of workers, people cannot wait until the formaldehyde is used up. Moreover, for the quality of the decoration, the country does not have a sound quality control to control the quality of the decoration as a whole, so many families are very helpless to choose to endure. However, if the modular building can adopt the industrial product standard, the material process is strictly controlled, and the quality of the module is tested. Basically, you can do it in time.

       Modular building can fully respond to changes in usage. The traditional architectural model is basically built on the ground. Whether it is an ancient castle or a modern residence, the building and the venue are closely related. The life of a building can be at least a few decades or even hundreds of years, and there are many changes and changes in the way users and users use it. Traditional architectural methods are often incapable of changing the way they are used. They can usually only be changed through interior decoration, resulting in a lot of waste. The modular building can adjust the space and structure of the building according to the needs of the user, which can satisfy the user's functional requirements and save limited space and resources.

       Maximum prefabrication of modular buildings can reduce a range of problems in on-site construction. On-site operations such as dependence on the season and climate of the site, the impact of transportation on the environment, dust-to-air pollution, uncontrollable construction accuracy, and high labor costs can greatly reduce these problems if modular construction. It can also greatly speed up construction schedules, reduce pollution and control costs.

       Simplified in one sentence, with the increase in housing and construction demand, resulting in tight housing and long construction period. Modular buildings will become more and more common from recent years to later, and eventually become a qualitative trend.

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