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Steel structure house selected light steel structure house or heavy steel structure house
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2019-05-24
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Light steel structure housing refers to a single-layer solid-bellied steel frame structure with a light roof and a lightweight exterior wall. This lightweight type mainly refers to the lightweight material for the enclosure. What is the difference between a light steel structure house and a heavy steel structure house?

Characteristics of light steel structure residential: first, strong earthquake resistance, second, comfortable living, third, beautiful appearance, fourth, sound insulation and noise reduction, fifth, durability, long service life, anyway, light The steel structure residential structure building has been recognized by all walks of life for its simplicity and clarity.

The difference between a light steel structure house and a heavy steel structure house is not related to the weight of the structure itself, but to the weight of the envelope material it bears, and their structural design concept It is also consistent.

Light steel structure residential structure is one of the most popular steel structure systems, and has now been widely used in private residential villas, holiday tourism, commercial and service buildings, like office buildings, warehouses, Stadiums, multi-storey residential buildings and other fields can also be used in areas where old buildings are added, remodeled, reinforced and lack of building materials, and are favored by many owners.

Light steel structure houses are generally 2 or 3 layers. Due to the light roofing, the top structure is less stressed than other structural layers, so the steel column can be made into a section, which saves steel.

In order to achieve aesthetic requirements, villa houses generally do not allow horizontal support and vertical support, so the structural system of light steel structure residential villas in general, steel columns and steel beams are just connected In the method, the connection between the secondary beam and the main structure is a hinged method, which can effectively simplify the construction process.

The steel beam and steel column of the roofing structure can be rigidly connected or hinged. Because the section size and thickness of the roofing structure are relatively small, no welding is required, and bolting can be adopted. The whole structural scheme is compared. Simple, in order to simplify the construction process, the rigid joint method can be adopted. The beam-slab column can be made of U-shaped and C-shaped cold-formed thin-walled steel of 100 to 120 mm height, and the column connection of the roof structure and other structural layers can also be adopted. Articulation can also be used for the connection.

In fact, if the light steel structure house is compared with the traditional concrete structure, the steel of the light steel structure house can be recycled later, but the concrete can not be recycled, and it will definitely be construction waste in the future. It will cause environmental pollution, and concrete will take 40 years to dry completely. Therefore, it is easy to cause indoor air to be humid, which is very unfavorable to human health. However, the light steel structure residential structure does not use concrete at all, so it is feared that this problem will exist.

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