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Dragon Boat Festival, remember to experience the hotel of a prefabricated residence
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2019-06-05

       In recent years, the rapid rise of integrated houses, the assembly of various architectural styles has become a major feature of sightseeing. The following is about the assembly of the hotel, the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, you can experience it after you understand it.

       The flexibility of the prefabricated house breaks the limitations of the board house, realizes a variety of styles, and has a short construction period, high efficiency, and many functions. Sound insulation, good earthquake resistance, etc., is the next green construction technology, but also a new concept and new technology of architecture. With the country's emphasis on green buildings, it will become the focus of future real estate development.

       Assembled residences have the following major categories:

       Plate construction: is made of prefabricated large interior and exterior walls Plates, slabs and roof panels are assembled. It is the main type of fully assembled building in industrial architecture. The equipment in the building often uses concentrated indoor pipe fittings or box toilets to improve the degree of assembly.

        Block Building: A prefabricated block-like material that is built into a wall-mounted building. The block building is adaptable, the production process is simple, the construction is simple, and the cost is relatively high. low.

       Box construction: A prefabricated building developed from the basis of sheet metal construction, which is highly industrialized and fast on site. Generally, not only the structural part of the box is completed in the factory, but also the interior decoration and equipment are installed. Even the furniture and carpet can be installed completely. The box is hoisted and can be used after connecting the pipeline.

        Skeleton sheet construction: It consists of prefabricated skeletons and plates. The load-bearing skeletons are mostly heavy-duty reinforced concrete structures, and steel and wood are used as skeletons and plates. In light assembly buildings. The skeleton sheet has a reasonable structure and can reduce the weight of the building. The interior is flexible and suitable for multi-storey and high-rise buildings.

       Uplift and upgraded buildings: This type of building is to repeatedly cast floors and slabs on the concrete floor of the ground " erected precast reinforced concrete columns, with columns The guide rods are lifted to the design height by a hydraulic jack placed on the column and fixed. The exterior wall can be used for brick walls, block walls, prefabricated exterior wall panels, lightweight composite wall panels, etc.; it is also possible to lift the sliding formwork and pour the external wall when lifting the floor. A large number of operations are carried out on the ground during the construction of the slab, which reduces aerial work and vertical transportation, saves formwork and scaffolding, and reduces the construction site area.

       Optimizing the environment and creating an atmosphere is an important part of hotel design. From the aspects of landscape atmosphere, architectural style, interior decoration, infrastructure and guiding system, the prefabricated houses will fall into the service and management system. All links must serve the “theme” positioning and form the core competitiveness of the resort.

       The hotel itself is well-equipped and is the basic condition for staying and willing to re-consume. The prefabricated residential design should also meet the needs of major management, integrated logistics services, and consumer spending habits. At the same time, in the public service space for visitors, should focus on the project function positioning and theme positioning, in a "contextualized" way to "eat, live, travel, entertainment, physical, treatment, learning, enlightenment" and other aspects of overall balance to meet tourists Diversified needs.

        From an external perspective: Buildings need to highlight geographical features and cultural temperament, emphasizing the organic integration with the surrounding environment. From the perspective of the interior of the prefabricated house: the room space is an effective display space for the resort, and the space for the guest is also a direct experience of the hotel, not only from the visual fitness, the accuracy of softness, the softness of bedding, but also considering The external environment is consistent with the tone of the hotel.

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