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Shandong House manufacturers say the popularity of said House
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2016-05-20

Many Shandong House manufacturers, Qingdao Green House today and told everybody about the popularity of House. In other countries, mobile homes can be seen everywhere, it consists of shaping the color plates and aluminum construction of temporary housing. Then turn on water pipes, gas pipes, power lines, can be checked. Mobile home's biggest advantage is the low cost environment, only with units of 1%-10%, built a normal resident of room ten months or even a year or more, that built the House in about a day or two is enough. At the Sydney Olympics that the superiority of movable houses almost to perfection.

In the United Kingdom, mobile homes became an office worker can look forward to. United Kingdom real estate has been booming in recent years, new housing is in short supply is the direct cause. United Kingdom building society statistics indicate that 2005 United Kingdom national total new residential the lowest since 1924, new housing can only meet the 1/4 family here every year, and most high income housing is to meet the need. In order to alleviate the United Kingdom housing crisis, the Government personally to "sell" steel micro-mobile homes, mobile home in this small in size, only 35 square meters. But functional, bedrooms equipped with a folding table doubles as a storage cabinet, kitchen oven, electric stove, fridge, washing machine, everything is complete.

In the United States, mobile homes are mobile homes behind the car. United States pop a mobile home that can drag behind the car to walk. It is actually a mobile home, a mobile home. The House looks very simple, has a rectangular trailer body made of 17 meters in length with a width of 5 meters. Although small, according to different requirements but they divided into a bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen, and so on. "In spite of space".

Mobile home transport abroad generally ranging from 10 to 300 km in RADIUS, because transport RADIUS restrictions must have sufficient branches to ensure their rental business operations. France ALGECO in Europe has 89 branches in 9 countries and 7 production sites, more than 1600 employees; GM is has branches all over the world. Huge amount of capital, technology, sales, transportation systems is to ensure the normal operation of the company and the powerful weapon of competition.

Mobile homes abroad in addition to temporary space at the construction site for the building industry, but also includes business offices, shops, laboratories, industrial factory building for public buildings of schools, kindergartens, nursing homes and hospitals for tourism, tourist homes, motels, hotels, restaurants and traditional building, residential buildings, and so on.

Domestic House gradually recognized, many development zones, real estate, tourism, the construction of new countryside, individual value this has advantages, such as product, rapidly promoting the House already this century materials and construction of a highlight.

Future House will make full use of solar energy, wind power, geothermal energy, truly self-sufficient green houses.

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