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The advantages of modular construction
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2016-05-20

The space formed between the different units, will be used for green, planted grass, or a variety of ornamental plants, potted plants and so on. Thus, the building forms a unique ecological group. This design not only meets the requirements of people the room a different shape, and may add more green space.


This magic piece of architecture in the future unit formed a lot of space, and the rational use of space, to save the land. It is more important to spread green construction of different levels and different spaces, improve the efficiency of green space, better embodies the concept of harmonious development between man and nature, and the building is more beautiful.

Health and environmental protection

And the use of new building materials, housing not only stronger, but also its unique thermal insulation, reducing the room temperature changes, reducing reliance on air conditioning, heating, and more energy-saving and environmental protection. Fresh air by the multi-stage filters for indoor, complete air changes per hour on more than one occasion, indoor formaldehyde concentration is zero. What are energy-saving, ceiling height of 2.85 m, 3 layer glass Windows and 1-layer glass curtain wall, window shade, window insulation.

Strong earthquake

In most parts of China, the State set the seismic fortification level of 6 degrees, building intensity of 9, seismic level is equivalent to being thrown 23.76 million atomic bombs.

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