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Assembling technology development trend of residential
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2016-05-20

From closed systems to open systems. Committed to the development of standardized function modules and design unified modular, easy to unity and full of variety, easy to manufacture and construction, also bring greater freedom to designers.

From the wet system to system development. Now using a combination of cast in place and precast system. Wet system standard is low, labor needed more, portion of mostly concrete, but seepage control performance. System standards are higher, connector parts are not concrete and seepage is poor.

From a focus solely on prefabricated structures prefabricated and systematic integration of the contents of the direction. Prefabricated houses both of the main structure of the industrialization and the industrialization of internal decoration, hand in hand, relying on each other.

Greater emphasis on information management. By BIM information technology consulting, planning, design, construction and management of all aspects of information exchange platform, with "information" to promote the "industrialization".

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